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Who couldn't use more serenity in these stressful times? The Blessing of Serenity Bundle includes hand selected items to bring peace and tranquility to your life. It includes your choice of one braided cord bracelet, or one 16 inch choker (+$3) or both the bracelet and choker (+$5), plus three Blessing Beads chosen to focus on peace.


The beads include:

  • Peace Blessing Bead, inscribed with "May you be blessed with peace."
  • Peace Sign Blessing Bead, inscribed with "May you be blessed with peace."
  • Shanti Blessing Bead, inscribed with "May you be blessed with inner peace."


In addition to the Blessing Bead jewelry, this bundle includes:


  • One handcrafted bar of Lavender soap, from Saddlebrook Soapery in Spring Lake Michigan
  • Serenity Aromatherapy Spray - a handmade blend of 100% pure essential Lavender & Cedarwood Oils to bring a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere to any room (shake well and spray liberally)
  • 6 bags of Yogi teas in blends to reduce stress and relax you


Please select your size of bracelet,  or the 16 inch choker, or your bracelet size plus the choker from the drop down menu.


Option prices vary.


All Bundled Blessings are packaged in an attractive gift box, ready for gifting, with no additional wrapping required.


As with a charm or Pandora Bracelet, you can continue to add beads to collect all of the blessings!  See our Interchangeable Beads to purchase additional Beads. 



Blessing of Serenity Bundle

  • This item includes three Blessing Beads finished with Tibetan silver decorative end caps. It also includes your choice of a 16 inch braided cord choker or bracelet in your choice of size, or both the choker and one bracelet. Each is finished with Tibetan silver cord ends, lobster clasp and chain to easily adjust the length of the choker. 


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