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Blessing Beads Store
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Bringing positive energy to the world, one bead at a time.

Bring more blessings into your life with Blessing Beads Jewelry. Blessing Beads jewelry features our unique, handcrafted paper scrolls beads, with a blessing or affirmation printed inside. The outside of the beads are printed with symbols, words or numbers - for those who wish their blessing to remain private. Each bead or piece of jewelry is made to order with the blessing of your choice. Affordably priced so you can give or collect all the blessings you desire!

Custom Create YOUR Blessing Bead Jewelry! Simply choose the style you want and customize it with the Blessing Bead of your choice!

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NEW! Now available - Interchangeable jewelry designs so you can purchase one piece of jewelry and additional Blessing Beads to interchange or add on. This makes it even more affordable to give or receive all the blessings you desire! More designs will be added soon!

See all of our blessing symbols, affirmations, and find a complete list of the coded blessings here.

Bestow a Blessing... Receive a Blessing...

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Now shipping to Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Sweden & UK.


New Products For November

Monthly Specials For November

Open Heart Bangle Bracelet
$6.00  $5.00
Save: 17% off
Spiral Blessing Earrings
$10.00  $8.00
Save: 20% off
Interchangeable Braided Necklace
$12.00  $10.00
Save: 17% off
Butterfly Braided Blessing Necklace
$14.00  $10.00
Save: 29% off